We Believe in Results


At Brooklyn Strength we believe in results.

At our main studio in Brooklyn Heights at 14 Columbia Place, we work with you to design a fitness program to meet and exceed your personal health and fitness goals all within our green-business-practices studio. 

The studio is centered on the combined teaching and fitness philosophy of Cadence and Manuel. If you are not able to fit into one of our schedules, we have additional, extremely talented, teachers available 7 days a week; as early as 6am, as late as 8pm weekdays and 7am-3pm weekends. Our teachers meet with us regularly to discuss training programs and learn new techniques to improve your health. Recently one of our long time clients, Patricia B., described Cadence and Manuel as ' curators of talent.' We trust you will agree.

Sessions improve all aspects of your physical life no matter your fitness level. Achieve your personal strength at Brooklyn Strength Brooklyn Heights.

Brooklyn Strength is based on the belief that movement, consistency, and an environment created to support these attributes, changes, enhances and even transforms one's life

'I've been involved in Health and Wellness since I was 16 years old and wanted to become a levitating Yogi. Fortunately I found dance, and that longing to be air-born became attainable in the leaps and jumps of daily class.

I created Brooklyn Strength based on my personal experiences. I feel and perform at my best when I can draw on several types of training and take time for deep relaxation as well.

I named the studios Brooklyn Strength because to me, deep strength is a combination of movement practices and mental focus to support every individuals' unique strength. The intense connection of Pilates, the power and challenge of Strength and Conditioning training, the restorative, relaxation of Thai Massage, I want our clients to always have options for movement no matter their physical ability. Movement heals. Life is long. At Brooklyn Strength we have your back whether you are coming off an injury or a major athletic victory, whether you are looking to support a healthy pregnancy or getting ready for a film shoot. We have the training to support you, in real life.' 

Uniquely Personalized:

As a private client of Brooklyn Strength, Brooklyn Heights, we take your fitness seriously. 

As you improve, we log your progress. If you have a setback we have a record of what works, what takes you off course, and will work with you to keep you focused.  If you train with several different teachers, all your notes and exercises are in one place.

Our teachers work together to be sure you have focused, efficient sessions. We find that our clients stay with us long after the wedding, the vacation, the baby weight is gone, or the running injury repaired. Here, clients find fitness for life.

At Brooklyn Strength you get more than short term success. You get lifetime wellness

My name is Sandy and I came to Brooklyn Strength with a very basic concept in mind - I never exercise, and I need to! I had some simple goals: I wanted my clothes to fit better (having two kids really takes a toll on one’s wardrobe); I wanted improved strength and a little toning; and I wanted some increased flexibility. When I came to Brooklyn Strength, I felt like I was starting all of these things at zero. I’ve seen a variety of the personal trainers and they have all been really enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They keep things interesting with a good mix of exercises and are incredibly accommodating to my demanding scheduling. As far as my goals? - my old clothes fit again, I have muscle tone where I never did before and for the first time in my entire life — I can do things like push-ups (remember I said I was starting from zero)! The best part is that my trainer and the staff are as excited about all of these things as I am. It’s a wonderful, supportive atmosphere to get motivated.

Brooklyn Strength Cobble Hill at 195 Pacific St. and the corner of Court St. brings our unique Pilates, Strength and Conditioning training to Cobble Hill at a lower price point than private sessions without sacrificing personalized attention. 

'Class with a purpose' is our motivation. We want participants to learn about their bodies, their capabilities and what gives them strength, ease and efficiency. Anyone can make you sweat for an hour, we give you knowledge and technique you can take into your runs, yoga class, toddler play dates or daily desk habits.

We want you to get a great workout plus learn how to work hard, safely and efficiently, without the sneaking feeling that you 'might be doing it wrong.'.

Regular participants see their bodies change as our teachers make personal adjustments, such as tailoring an exercise to help elongate tight hamstrings or a sore shoulder rather than pushing you through something that feels confusing and uncomfortable.

Small Group Training Classes allow more personal attention. With an 8 participant maximum everyone gets attention from the teacher, questions answered, and motivation personalized. No one is left in the 'back row'.

Participants of all levels are welcome and encouraged. Call ahead if you have concerns about preconditions or injury. Or try a 3 Private Session Intro pack at our Brooklyn Heights location to see if Group Classes are right for you.