The Brooklyn Strength Teacher Training certifies students in full Mat and Apparatus Pilates as well as Strength and Conditioning program design. Brooklyn Strength believes that there is no one method of movement to keep the human body healthy for a lifetime. By developing diverse skills, students will learn to meet clients where they are and provide fitness training able to carry a client throughout a variety of life events. We know that the majority of clients you will encounter will be challenged with stress, lack of time and a lifetime of bad habits. At Brooklyn Strength we will provide you the skills to meet these challenges with knowledge, finesse and energy. Brooklyn Strength is currently working with NASCM to certify our training program to allow participants to receive NASCM CEC accreditation. 

During the Brooklyn Strength teacher training students will learn the classical repertoire both mat and apparatus with the contemporary pelvis placement as a basis to develop their own style, strengths and insight with the firm foundation of Joseph Pilates original genius. Students will learn to adapt to a wide variety of clientele and finish the course able to teach situations as various as fast paced fitness mat classes, long term work with elderly or chronically injured private clients or your average overworked, unfit 9-5er. In addition to a complete Pilates certification, students will also be trained in Brooklyn Strength’s Strength and Conditioning method; an advanced approach to Personal Training using classic sport training technique focusing on applicable program design so that your clients set realistic goals and see satisfying and safe results.

Brooklyn Strength certification provides prospective teachers with real world experience, knowledge and confidence. The breadth of education allows teachers to experience a full spectrum of client experiences and concerns. Brooklyn Strength certified teachers are able to teach a variety of class and session types, ultimately allowing Brooklyn Strength certified teachers the skill and education to build satisfying and financially stable careers. 

In order to become fully certified participants must complete a total of 500 practice hours for the full certification.

Mat and Strength and Conditioning are 50 practice hours each.

*Please note: NASM certification does not mean that you will be a NASM certified trainer, NASM certification of this program means that any training taken with Brooklyn Strength will be accepted by NASM as continuing ed credit towards any of NASM's programs and certifications. 


*all pre-requisites, requirements for certification, dates, times and information is subject to change at the sole discretion of Brooklyn Strength.