Total for all 8 weekends, Full Mat/Apparatus, Strength and Conditioning Certification: $4400

Anatomy/Mat only. Section 1: $1000

Apparatus only. Sections 2-8 with an approved pre-requisite in Anatomy/Mat: $3500 

Anatomy/Mat, Strength and Conditioning only. Sections 1, 4, 5 with an approved pre-requisite in Personal Training, and teaching experience: $2550

Strength and Conditioning only, with an approved pre-requisite in Anatomy/Mat, Personal Training, Functional Anatomy and teaching experience. Sections 4-5: $1550

Pilates Special Populations, Advanced Pilates Teaching Techniques. Sections 7, 8 with approved pre-requisites in full Pilates certification and teaching experience: $450/weekend

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Payment Options:

$500 non refundable deposit is due by April 16th for all full certification participants

$4400 in full


3 payments of $1550

$150 non refundable deposit is due 2 weeks before indv. weekend workshops

Work study is available for those who qualify. Previous reception experience with MindBodyOnline required.

*After receiving your application Brooklyn Strength will contact you to arrange a meeting and receive payment.