Posture: Pain Relief and Prevention w/ Cadence

  • Brooklyn Strength 195 Pacific St Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States

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Our posture, from the way we stand on our legs to the way we hold our shoulders and back, has enormous effect on the way our bodies function; muscles engage, joints move, even digestion and breath. Hyper-extended knees, or a habit of tucking our bottoms and slouching our shoulders puts undue stress on our lower backs, hips and feet.

During this 3 week workshop Cadence will teach participants to go from bottom to top: starting with our feet and ending with our heads, learning new habits for standing, sitting, walking and releasing chronically tight areas of our bodies. This workshop will address, functional movement to help you in your fitness and daily activities. We will look at how asymmetrical muscle development keeps us from looking and feeling our best and learn techniques to easily shift our bodies into balance at home. 

We will learn to use props such as foam rollers, massage balls and straps to relieve our pain and inflexibility as well as strengthen and bring awareness to key areas.

Workshop limited to 10 people. Monday evenings Jan 11th to Jan 23rd 6:15pm-7:30pm at Brooklyn Strength Cobble Hill, 195 Pacific St.

Call 347 384 2011 or login in to MindBodyOnline to register $175 for 3 weeks. Sign up by Dec 31st 6th and receive $10 off.