Digesting Anxiety

  • Brooklyn Strength 195 Pacific Street Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States

Digesting Anxiety

Our tummies often take the brunt of our mental and emotional fluctuations. From upcoming deadlines, difficult social events, to freaking out during the daily commute. So many of us suffer from various forms of Anxiety from acute to the daily NYC low-grade-panic-attack-lifestyle. Learning to eat foods that support easy digestion and planning for a sensitive stomach can mean the difference between being able to nourish yourself with ease and regularity vs running around like a squirrel stuffing a few snacks in your cheeks when you're hungry enough to ignore the pangs, bloat, constipation, etc.
In fact, learning to eat for a sensitive stomach can heal your tummy discomfort and some of the associated stress and anxiety that surrounds it. Come learn tummy easy food choices, food planning, relaxation techniques and tummy soothing herbs and physical practices with Studio Owner, Cadence, to keep your belly in ship shape and not out to sea.

Date: Sat April 23rd 1:30-3:00


Location: Cobble Hill Studio 195 Pacific St and the corner of Court St.
Price: $45/person

*all participants will receive 20% off a private Holistic Session with Cadence. Must book within 90 days of workshop.