Pilates is a neuromuscular re-patterning technique set within a series of exercises and equipment designed to create new habits, essentially new neurological connections, while lengthening, and deeply strengthening, the muscles and joint connective tissues of the entire body. The movements, created by Joseph Pilates, create new healthy body coordination and control. For example, instead of reminding yourself to ‘use your abs’ when you lift something heavy, after Pilates, your body will automatically engage your core supporting muscles. 

The focus of the method is to organize your strength and posture from a strong ‘core’; the trunk of the human body. Once the abdominals, back muscles and waist are strong and coordinated, the limbs flow with strength and ease. Pilates, by its nature, enhances your neurological control and develops deep connection to breath, thereby resulting in a complete mind body experience. 

A body that is balanced and coordinated will look longer, leaner and more graceful in every day activity. Pilates benefits everyone from the high performing athlete to those who have been sedentary seeking a low impact form of exercise. Pilates is useful for pre-natal and post-partum support and those recovering or living with chronic injury or pain. Brooklyn Strength is also unique in that Cadence works with many plus size clients, who often feel left out of typical fitness studios. Pilates is truly beneficial to all. 

At Brooklyn Strength we offer Pilates as it was initially intended; a living philosophy of movement constantly growing and changing as new research, new activity and new movement inspires us. Cadence and Manuel come from integrative backgrounds of fitness, sports and movement and our teachers share the same diversity of experience. Instead of a fixed system imposed on the client, we create tailored programming that best suits your body, goals and temperament.

Our Pilates philosophy emphasizes whole-body strengthening, and the value of linking breath and mindfulness to movement. This centered approach increases muscle tone, flexibility, range-of-movement, prevents and manages pain, assists in prevention and recovery from injury, produces a leaner, trimmer, more sculpted body and quiet focused mind.