Brooklyn Strength is a contemporary Pilates studio practicing Neutral Spinal Alignment and creative, rather than set, classical, programming. Pilates was developed in the early 1920's by Joseph Pilates, originally named, Contrology, and has continued to develop, heal and support bodies to be their best, ever since.

Pilates is a system, which, when trained and taught correctly is self sustaining. While we love our individual teachers, the system stands on its own and is not tied to one person's teaching. This is the beauty of the system and the key to it's longevity. 

The majority of our teachers are performers in Dance. We find Dancers to be naturally intuitive teachers with inspiring drive and engagement to further their kinesiology knowledge and curiosity. In addition we are proud to say our teachers have included a recently retired NYC Ballet Ballerina, PhD's in Physical Therapy, Professional Gymnasts and Athletes. We only draw from long standing reputable certifications such as The Kane School, Balanced Body, Stott and Basi to name a few, thus ensuring our clients receive the best care and instruction. 

Cadence and Manuel teach the majority of our private clientele as well as teaching classes at our Cobble Hill location. We are always taking on new clients when we have availability. If you are not able to work with one of us, our clients find our teachers to be knowledgeable, empathetic, creative teachers. Cadence and Manuel regularly meet with our teachers to go over programming and client progression, making suggestions and assisting our teachers to tailor exercises to meet client's needs.

When you call to make an appointment, we will match you based on your preferred day and time to one of our exceptional teachers. Once you have an appointment you may choose to work with one teacher regularly or book with several teachers as your schedule changes.

One of our long time clients recently described Brooklyn Strength as 'a curator of talent' . We think you'll agree.